Our VibeHippie Blue Night Baby bracelet/anklet is hand crafted from authentic, genuine, natural Baltic amber with a dark agate stone, lighting it back up with a beautiful blue shell. All stringed on 100%natural hemp string with a sliding knot. 

Genuine, Authentic, Real, Natural Baltic Amber, 100% Hemp String Baby/Kid Bracelet/Anklet

Genuine, Authentic, Real, Natural Amber chips from Lithuania, 100 percent natural Hemp string, with Black agate stone and blue shell. 

About Baltic Amber:
Baltic Amber is an organic substance, a “fossil resin” produced by pine trees. Amber consists of 79 percent carbon, 10.5 percent hydrogen and 10.5 percent oxygen. Studies have shown that amber contains 40 compounds as well as succinic acid and additive salts of potassium, sodium, and iron. The warmth of the skin on the amber encourages the release of this natural analgesic. Amber works as a natural pain relieving and anti-inflammatory. Many mothers are getting amber for their babies to alleviate teething pain, colic and ear/throat pain. But it not just for babies, toddlers can use it for growing pains, teenage cramps and sport injuries, adults for arthritis, carpal tunnel, sciatica, migraines, stress, and more. 

How to use your bracelet/anklet:
Wear under clothing and with direct contact to skin. We suggest removing bracelet/anklet at night and for unsupervised naps. Do not let you child chew on the bracelet/anklet. Always supervise your child when wearing. To clean simply wash it in warm mild soapy water, do not use any chemicals. 

Please note: We are not medical people and can only give of our experience in amber. The information given is not intended as medical advice and is only an opinion for information. Do not under any circumstance disregard professional advice or delay in seeking professional advice because of content found on this site. Amber may not help everyone; we estimate that about 90% of wearers feel some benefits from continually wearing amber.

According to EU Toy safety regulationsEN-71-1 it is not a toy (not suitable for children under 36 months). Due to small parts involved, we recommend it to be worn by children 3 years and over with full supervision by a parent or guardian.   

Tests for identifying Real Amber from Fake.

Salt Water test

The other effective test for identifying real Amber from fake is Salt Water test. In order to do this test you will need about 7 teaspoons of salt and a medium size cup of water. Add all teaspoons of salt into the water and stir well until salt is fully melted. In the next step add your Amber gemstone into this water. Real Amber should float in this water easily while majority of fakes will sink fast. The main drawback of this method is that it is not very suitable for testing Jewelry that has some metal or other components in it; however it works well for loose beads.

Hot Needle test

One more way to differentiate genuine Amber from fake is Hot Needle test. To perform this test you need to heat the needle and then push it against the stone. In case the needle went in only slightly or some cracks were left it means that it is most likely real Amber. Also if it is genuine Amber you should also notice a smell similar old punged tree. When doing the same test with fakes the needle goes in very easily and the smell is either plastic or fresh pine (Copal). The main disadvantage of this test is that it might leave a small mark, which is caused by burning.

Important Safety Notice:
Please Supervise your child while wearing the necklace. Amber necklaces are for wearing not chewing!! Amber Fossil can crack and break under too much pressure. Amber teething necklace should be removed while sleeping or unattended!

Baltic Amber Agate Shell Blue Night Baby Bracelet/Anklet Hemp string sliding kno