What make our Cajun Seasoning so special?


We use two unique ingredients that are sure to make this seasoning special.

One of those being our very own VibeHippie papaya seed pepper and secondly the most purist salt on earth, Celtic sea salt. We took these two ingredients and combined them with other alkaline herbs to bring you just the punch you need.

Spice your life up and add this to any recipe no matter the diet preference.


Not only does this VibeHippie Cajun seasoning have an amazing spicy kick but also helps to alkaline the body and helps balance out minerals in the body.


The Celtic sea salt alone offers 84 trace minerals that the body needs.

Our papaya seeds provide polyphenols and flavonoids. It can help with cholesterol it has mono-trans fats, fiber and promotes kidney health.


This Cajun kickin spice is loaded in anti-oxidants, anti-bacterial properties, and anti-inflammatory properties. It helps with digestive health and promoting a healthy gut. It can help boost metabolism and help lower blood pressure.


So why eat regular Cajun for taste? When you can get the great taste from us while also providing great health benefits.

VibeHippies Organic Cajun Seasoning