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It was soon discovered that even at a young age, Anthony had great rhythm and rhyme. Before long, he had his father's keyboard and was teaching himself to play and was putting together pieces of music and beats. At the age of 15 and a freshman in high school, he entered his school's talent show with a band playing drums. The following year, he decided to go out on his own and put together a selection that included several instruments but all composed using the keyboard. He continued to enter each talent show from his sophomore until his senior year winning the "People's Choice Award" each year. Each year during his performance, the crowds would go crazy, screaming, dancing and showing a lot of emotion for his music.

                Anthony recorded in his home studio making demo after demo for years. Because of the quality, he was having no luck. Anthony therefore chose to step it up and hit the professional studio. He contacted Blake Scott out of Star Trak Studio located in Washington, NC. Anthony knew that Blake had been in the music business for more than 30 years, and recorded numerous famous artist. So, he knew he was in good hands. Now that the album was complete and mastered, Blake had the following to say about Anthony, "After 30 years of being in the music industry "Ant B" is an amazing artist/musician, and is very original and dedicated. I see a bright successful future ahead of him."

                From there "Ant B" decided to venture off and take the drive to Los Angeles, California. Were he failed over and over again, at times sleeping in his car to being literally homeless when he had to make the choice to come back home to NC. In 2012 "Ant B" finally caught a break by connecting with Petey Pablo they began working on a project together entitled (Take ova Da South) from there it became projects with Bubba Sparxxx, Corey Gunz, King-Los, Lil Wyte, Jellyroll, Spice 1, Rappin 4tay and more. "Ant B" was able to tour and do shows with some the artist on top of that. But most of all gaining friendships with people he never thought he would even meet. He has also worked with MTV doing various percussion routines for a MTV Show.

Ant and his Manager “ChubRock” Decided to End ties within the Music industry in 2013, and he moved back to NC once more, the two biggest songs dropped that year were Hero and California Breeze with “Hero” doing over a million views on YouTube. Through the new transition and a long break Ant just did projects and recorded slowly and didn’t release anything until 2014. A mixtape called “Everyday life” in which he shot a few videos and promoted throughout the country. Back and forth from LA to NC he worked with Ralph Gonzales in his words “the Best Videographer on the West coast” Releasing those videos in 2015 entitled “Major” and “Sunshine” a song Ant wrote to his Mom and released on Mother’s day. Other than Occasional Shows and appearances for the most part in 2016 Ant stayed quite moved to Statesboro GA with his family and stepped away from the Scene not even knowing if Music was what he wanted to do any longer. That is until 2017 when one of Ant’s songs “IDGAF” hit Netflix in a movie called “Frat Star” It put a spark back in him knowing people really loved his versatile Style with “IDGAF” being a Hip-hop/ Rock song that he wrote the night before with a Friend “Shane Noren” and recorded in Raleigh NC the next day and never looked back. The Movie Producers actually went to that same studio “Osceola Studios” years later and the Engineer “Dick Hodgin” is who let them hear the piece, its funny cause its was recorded back in 2013! Ant began a different route and decided to start writing jingles. He wrote some for Bojangles, Nescafe, Alive vitamins and many more, there was over the phone conversations between Ant and some of the biggest people within the company especially the one he wrote for Bojangels but they never came to a final agreement. Other than Writing and producing for himself and other labels Ant didn’t travel much or do many shows that year, a lot of people even family didn’t know that his wife had been sick since 2013! This is where the health comes in. She had been fighting a serious case of Osteoarthritis and it only got worse with time, it started in her shoulders then to her elbows, fingers and wrist down to her knees ankles and toes, she began getting a red itchy flaky rash on the back of her neck. By this time she couldn’t even brush her own hair much less put a shirt on. Ant had to help her get out of bed in the morning and help her get dressed. She couldn’t play with their kids or even ball a fist. Doctors had no answer other than its arthritis and there is no cure so learn how to live with it the best you can. Not only that she had Alopecia areata, she had skin break outs throbbing head aches and more. They tried all the recommended “Vitamins” she exercised every day , hot and cold pads, hot showers in the morning, she took aloe Vera shots and nothing helped, it only got worse. Ant had always had a passion for health and he was over whelmed and didn’t know what to do he researched and tried everything you can imaging from every recommended source. Thoughts in his head were “if it’s like this now what’s the next 10 years have to offer” that’s until he ran into the famous but not as famous as he should be “Dr. Sebi” “Alfredo Bowman” the information Sebi was giving was completely different from anything he had heard before so not just taking his word for it Ant dove head first into deep research and it was a very difficult task seeing most everything online and in the books were the complete opposite. So instead of a “Scientific” view “what most Americans live there life by, Ant chose to go for a “Result” instead. Ant and his wife decided they had nothing to lose so they did exactly what Dr Sebi Preached. He put his wife on a 100% alkaline diet and got her ph “potential of hydrogen” above 7 and kept her there. Not even 3 weeks later she could ball her fist up again and she noticed that her joints didn’t hurt anymore. She was getting out of bed with no problem and she could play with the kids again also every single problem she had vanished like it was never there! From that moment on Ant and his family completely changed their way of eating and began studying Dr. Sebi daily. He also studied Neal Barnard, Otto Warburg, Garth Davis, Milton mills, Steven Gundry, Joel Kahn, Michael Greger, YADA from the Yadadian nation and many more with Sebi and YADA being who has had the best results by far! This is we’re Ant wanted to share this information and start Promoting a healthy lifestyle. From there Ant got back into the notebook and wrote “Carolina Pepper” and released 11-3-2017 a 9 Minute over 300bar Vent…. This definitely got him Buzzing again, he needed an impressive come back! Ant continued to live by Dr. Sebi’s alkaline diet and the results in himself and his family were mind blowing! In 2018 He Spent most of his time researching these doctors/Herbalist to really understand it better so he could better explain to people why this was a healthier lifestyle. Ant opened his studio to the public and put most of his energy into the foods of the earth and his family. In August he stepped back into the studio and released “Bloodshot” on 9-7-18 he also got distribution once again and was on ITunes, Apple, Spotify and many many more. He followed up just 2 weeks later 9-21-18 with “This Moment” also dropping a Video on YouTube. On 12-16-18 he released a “Carol of Christmas” hip-hop Remix that reached 5k views on YouTube the first day! On 1-1-19 Ant decided to go meet “Yada” from the Yadadian Nation one of the biggest Herbalist of this generation! Once again learning even more and Yada was extremely impressed with how much knowledge Ant’s 9 year old son “Joel” knew. Ant plans on opening his Brand new website in March of this year that will have not only his music but also promoting a healthy lifestyle. His most recent release was 2-15-19 a song called “OMG” a commercial/Good feel vibe! Ant’s future plans are to keep doing his passion for music regardless if it’s Independent or another Contract. More Videos, and possibly another tour if the opportunity arises, but most of all he wants to represent Good intention and help people by promoting a healthy lifestyle, his lifestyle. Ant was recently Quoted “ Everything we know today are thoughts and creations of other people, everything is so fake, man-made nothing is real anymore, we do and think based off a systematical artificial way of life we don’t even know who we are anymore. Let’s stop being created! It’s time we started creating ourselves naturally through the foods we eat and true intentions rather than taught intentions”

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